Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beelman, Susan  1895Ohio, United States P1720
2 Boyer, Anna  1858Ohio, United States P1049
3 Boyer, Gerald F  31 Aug 1907Ohio, United States P1461
4 Boyer, Joseph Z.  13 Jan 1864Ohio, United States P867
5 Boyer, Paul  17 Mar 1916Ohio, United States P1457
6 Boyer, Sarah  13 Jun 1859Ohio, United States P1048
7 Bretzins, Frank L  Apr 1890Ohio, United States P1544
8 Bretzins, Mildred G  Jul 1897Ohio, United States P1541
9 Bretzius, Flossie May  1903Ohio, United States P1540
10 Bretzius, Harold Lowell  Abt 1905Ohio, United States P1539
11 Brubaker, John  Abt 1869Ohio, United States P575
12 Brubaker, Vernon  1873Ohio, United States P572
13 Cummins, Abram  1837Ohio, United States P1109
14 Cummins, Eliza Jane  1843Ohio, United States P1107
15 Cummins, Mary  Jun 1842Ohio, United States P1108
16 Cummins, Rebecca  1846Ohio, United States P1106
17 McElroy, Celina Selina Polina  1878Ohio, United States P1394
18 Nusbaum, Susannah  30 Jan 1840Ohio, United States P666
19 Pletcher, Jacob N  26 Feb 1822Ohio, United States P832
20 Strine, George W.  25 Jul 1918Ohio, United States P2106
21 Weller, Herbert R  12 Dec 1882Ohio, United States P894
22 Wilson, Joseph  1837Ohio, United States P1146
23 Winterringer, Affy  1800Ohio, United States P256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baughman, Jane  1850Ohio, United States P1695
2 Gaumer, Mary  3 Jan 1832Ohio, United States P2367
3 Kauffman, John  15 Apr 1878Ohio, United States P1793
4 McELROY, James  1858Ohio, United States P1429
5 Wallace, Richard  1785Ohio, United States P1127
6 Winterringer, Sarah  12 Jun 1861Ohio, United States P258
7 Ziegler, Andrew  1786Ohio, United States P748
8 Ziegler, John Pawling  1786Ohio, United States P643