Knox, Ohio, United States



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Hannah  Jan 1813Knox, Ohio, United States P950
2 Baughman, Mary E.  1821Knox, Ohio, United States P319
3 Gaumer, Mary  1764Knox, Ohio, United States P2367
4 HAUGER, Alice C  8 Jun 1855Knox, Ohio, United States P297
5 HAUGER, Elizabeth  17 Dec 1859Knox, Ohio, United States P296
6 HAUGER, Elizabeth Alice  17 Dec 1859Knox, Ohio, United States P288
7 HAUGER, Ida E.  17 Nov 1865Knox, Ohio, United States P290
8 HAUGER, John C  14 Apr 1861Knox, Ohio, United States P293
9 HAUGER, Joseph  3 Mar 1830Knox, Ohio, United States P286
10 HAUGER, Laura C  25 Oct 1863Knox, Ohio, United States P292
11 HAUGER, Maria J.  9 Dec 1858Knox, Ohio, United States P294
12 HAUGER, Martin Luther  24 Nov 1872Knox, Ohio, United States P96
13 HAUGER, Rhoda  25 Jul 1864Knox, Ohio, United States P291
14 Hauger, William F  2 Jan 1867Knox, Ohio, United States P289
15 HILDRETH, Esther Jane  22 Jan 1853Knox, Ohio, United States P2096
16 McElroy, Alexander  1844Knox, Ohio, United States P1387
17 McELROY, Charles  6 Sep 1849Knox, Ohio, United States P1391
18 McELROY, Christine  1864Knox, Ohio, United States P1382
19 McElroy, Daniel Elsworth  2 Feb 1884Knox, Ohio, United States P1392
20 McElroy, Ebeneazar  1855Knox, Ohio, United States P1384
21 McElroy, Francis Wellington  17 Jun 1875Knox, Ohio, United States P1395
22 McElroy, Henry  Jun 1839Knox, Ohio, United States P1389
23 McELROY, Lydia  15 Dec 1856Knox, Ohio, United States P1383
24 McELROY, Mary  1852Knox, Ohio, United States P1385
25 McELROY, Mary Maria  14 Apr 1829Knox, Ohio, United States P967
26 McElroy, Olive  20 Apr 1872Knox, Ohio, United States P1397
27 MCELROY, Philip  Feb 1853Knox, Ohio, United States P315
28 McELROY, Rachel  17 Apr 1848Knox, Ohio, United States P1386
29 McELROY, Robert  Jan 1851Knox, Ohio, United States P1390
30 McElroy, Walter Scott  22 Oct 1880Knox, Ohio, United States P1393
31 McELROY, William  1860Knox, Ohio, United States P1399
32 THOMAS, Mary Elizabeth  1838Knox, Ohio, United States P1398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, George  8 May 1871Knox, Ohio, United States P958
2 BAKER, Hannah  6 Jun 1875Knox, Ohio, United States P950
3 BAKER, Jacob  28 Oct 1868Knox, Ohio, United States P962
4 Baker, John Philip  6 May 1847Knox, Ohio, United States P961
5 Baker, Philip  1826Knox, Ohio, United States P1469
6 BAKER, Philip  5 Oct 1879Knox, Ohio, United States P960
7 BAKER, William Wilhelm  1 Oct 1889Knox, Ohio, United States P951
8 Baughman, Barbara Ann  7 Apr 1887Knox, Ohio, United States P1707
9 Baughman, Mary E.  8 Feb 1864Knox, Ohio, United States P319
10 HAUGER, Alice C  26 Jul 1878Knox, Ohio, United States P297
11 HAUGER, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1860Knox, Ohio, United States P296
12 HAUGER, Elizabeth Alice  23 Apr 1860Knox, Ohio, United States P288
13 HAUGER, Ida E.  2 Mar 1927Knox, Ohio, United States P290
14 HAUGER, John C  21 Dec 1926Knox, Ohio, United States P293
15 HAUGER, Laura C  26 Jul 1878Knox, Ohio, United States P292
16 HAUGER, Maria J.  21 Dec 1858Knox, Ohio, United States P294
17 HAUGER, Reuben  28 Feb 1896Knox, Ohio, United States P344
18 HILDRETH, John Mason  29 Feb 1872Knox, Ohio, United States P2099
19 HILDRETH, Samuel  Sept 21, 1869Knox, Ohio, United States P968
20 Hildreth, William  14 Mar 1852Knox, Ohio, United States P2097
21 MASON, Ruth  23 Oct 1844Knox, Ohio, United States P2100
22 McELROY, Charles  15 Dec 1932Knox, Ohio, United States P1391
23 McElroy, Francis Wellington  16 Nov 1950Knox, Ohio, United States P1395
24 McElroy, Henry  21 May 1920Knox, Ohio, United States P1389
25 McELROY, Lydia  5 May 1933Knox, Ohio, United States P1383
26 MCELROY, Philip  1933Knox, Ohio, United States P315
27 McElroy, Rebecca  12 Oct 1903Knox, Ohio, United States P1388
28 RICKEY, Elizabeth  Knox, Ohio, United States P238
29 Severns, Joseph  9 Feb 1848Knox, Ohio, United States P1751
30 THOMAS, Mary Elizabeth  29 Nov 1899Knox, Ohio, United States P1398
31 Welker, Anna Christina  1840Knox, Ohio, United States P2630
32 Welker, David  18 Nov 1854Knox, Ohio, United States P2370
33 Welker, John  1857Knox, Ohio, United States P2384


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HAUGER / WINTERRINGER  25 Aug 1853Knox, Ohio, United States F64
2 HILDRETH / McELROY  27 Jan 1848Knox, Ohio, United States F463
3 McElroy / THOMAS  15 Sep 1870Knox, Ohio, United States F286