Pennsylvania, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bauer, Christopher Ziegler  24 Feb 1788Pennsylvania, United States P558
2 Boyer, Carolina  4 Sept 1837Pennsylvania, United States P328
3 Boyer, Catherine  2 Feb 1796Pennsylvania, United States P613
4 Boyer, Catherine M.  4 Jan 1824Pennsylvania, United States P81
5 Boyer, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1763Pennsylvania, United States P466
6 Boyer, Esther  10 March 1835Pennsylvania, United States P478
7 Boyer, George  20 Nov 1840Pennsylvania, United States P658
8 Boyer, Henry  15 Mar 1769Pennsylvania, United States P465
9 Boyer, Henry B.  28 Aug 1809Pennsylvania, United States P609
10 Boyer, Jacob  3 Apr 1800Pennsylvania, United States P611
11 Boyer, Lydia  3 Feb1834Pennsylvania, United States P532
12 Boyer, Maria (Mary)  17 Feb 1798Pennsylvania, United States P612
13 Boyer, Nancy (Nannie)  15 Apr 1803Pennsylvania, United States P610
14 Boyer, Peter  25 Sep 1771Pennsylvania, United States P464
15 Boyer, Samuel  12 Jul 1805Pennsylvania, United States P607
16 Boyer, Susanna  19 May 1791Pennsylvania, United States P524
17 Cahill, Abraham  1810Pennsylvania, United States P1116
18 Cahill, Isaac  1796Pennsylvania, United States P1120
19 Cahill, Lydia  1787Pennsylvania, United States P1123
20 Cahill, Margaret  1794Pennsylvania, United States P1121
21 Cahill, Mary  1789Pennsylvania, United States P1122
22 Cahill, Rachel  1791Pennsylvania, United States P1124
23 Chatwin, Sarah  1740Pennsylvania, United States P263
24 Chatwin, Timothy  1710Pennsylvania, United States P1925
25 Eby, Elizabeth  1792Pennsylvania, United States P878
26 Hum, Anna Maria  6 Jul 1790Pennsylvania, United States P1731
27 Kauffman, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1796Pennsylvania, United States P1190
28 Kauffman, John  31 Aug 1801Pennsylvania, United States P1793
29 Kauffman, Maria  31 Jul 1799Pennsylvania, United States P1794
30 Moyer, Maria  25 May 1810Pennsylvania, United States P771
31 Moyer, Samuel  3 Apr 1803Pennsylvania, United States P774
32 Trimble, Elizabeth Agey  1776Pennsylvania, United States P1605
33 Trimble, John  13 Jan 1782Pennsylvania, United States P1602
34 Trimble, William  28 Sep 1778Pennsylvania, United States P1604
35 Welker, John Paul Jr.  22 Sep 1784Pennsylvania, United States P2369
36 Wilson, Jane  3 Mar 1822Pennsylvania, United States P1147
37 Winteringer, Sarah  1775Pennsylvania, United States P1921
38 Winterringer, Nathan  1778Pennsylvania, United States P1919
39 Winterringer, Thomas  1775Pennsylvania, United States P1920
40 Yordy, Jacob  1748Pennsylvania, United States P837
41 Young, Margaret  1741Pennsylvania, United States P2023


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baughman, Anna Margretha  14 Mar 1836Pennsylvania, United States P1688
2 Baughman, Magdalena  1864Pennsylvania, United States P1706
3 Baughman, Maria Elisabetha  Pennsylvania, United States P1687
4 Boyer, Nancy Agnes  10 Nov 1861Pennsylvania, United States P879
5 Boyer, Peter  10 Dec 1804Pennsylvania, United States P464
6 Eby, Jacob  29 Oct 1841Pennsylvania, United States P872
7 Kauffman, Maria  12 May 1799Pennsylvania, United States P1794
8 Landis, Elizabeth  2 May 1765Pennsylvania, United States P543
9 Maurer, Johann Rudolf  1740Pennsylvania, United States P1268
10 Moyer, Samuel  8 Feb 1893Pennsylvania, United States P774
11 RAGEL, Femmetje Phoebe  1812Pennsylvania, United States P301
12 Schmidt, Maria Fronica  12 Nov 1734Pennsylvania, United States P1269
13 Ziegler, Catherine  22 Jun 1797Pennsylvania, United States P764
14 Ziegler, Johann Bernhard  Pennsylvania, United States P1649
15 Ziegler, Melchior Johann  Pennsylvania, United States P759
16 Ziegler, Melchior Johann  Pennsylvania, United States P1640
17 ZIEGLER, Michael  1820Pennsylvania, United States P755


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bachmann / Shmetter  Sep 1743Pennsylvania, United States F804
2 Cummins / Davidson  1773Pennsylvania, United States F328
3 Cummins / TODD  1794Pennsylvania, United States F330
4 Gortner / Boyer  1752Pennsylvania, United States F143
5 Simpson / West  24 Sep 1760Pennsylvania, United States F475
6 Welker / Unk  1754Pennsylvania, United States F681
7 WINTERRINGER / RICKEY  1792Pennsylvania, United States F62
8 Wymer / Estep  1807Pennsylvania, United States F349
9 Ziegler / Pawling  1735Pennsylvania, United States F146