Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bar, Hans Ulrich  13 Nov 1584Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2261
2 Bar, Ludwig  26 Feb 1628Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2259
3 Bar, Melchior  4 Feb 1623Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2260
4 Berli, Barbel  1597Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2310
5 Frey, Anna  1615Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2314
6 Frick, Regula  1566Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2250
7 Gut, Barbel  13 Jan 1643Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2300
8 Gut, Magdalena  Mar 1614Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P1833
9 Haberling, Barbel  2 Jun 1675Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2296
10 Haberling, Henri  1649Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2307
11 Leiter, Jacob  1706Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2068
12 Leutert, Hans Jacob  1703Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2303
13 Leutert, Heinri  1696Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2305
14 Leutert, Klyn Anna  1698Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2304
15 Leutert, Rudolff  17 Jul 1670Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2297
16 Leutert, Susanna  1704Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2302
17 Leuthart, Elogius  25 Jan 1634Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2301
18 Leuthart, Hans Jogli  1666Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2313
19 Leuthart, Jacob  1668Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2312
20 Leuthert, Ruodeli R  1670Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2309
21 T, Thoma G  26 Oct 1606Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2315
22 Widler, Elsbeth  1590Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2253
23 Widler, Fridli  12 Oct 1645Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2249
24 WYDLER, Adelheit  1591Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2252
25 Wydler, Barbara  11 May 1595Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2251
26 Wydler, Jakob  1601Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2254
27 Wydler, Thrina  1653Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2306
28 Wydler, Vrene  1585Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bar, Hans Ulrich  20 Apr 1628Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2261
2 Bar, Ludwig  3 Sep 1699Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2259
3 Berli, Barbel  10 Mar 1659Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2310
4 Frick, Regula  1604Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2250
5 Gut, Barbel  14 Apr 1693Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2300
6 Gutt, Ulrich  23 Jun 1623Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2205
7 Leutert, Heinri  1696Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2305
8 Leuthart, Elogius  10 Aug 1688Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2301
9 Leuthart, Hans Jogli  1694Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2313
10 Leuthart, Heinrich  5 Feb 1677Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2311
11 Leuthart, Jacob  1669Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2312
12 Leuthart, Mathais  26 Oct 1631Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2317
13 Widler, Fridli  16 Jan 1648Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2249
14 Wydler, Vrene  27 Mar 1614Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2206
15 Wynler, Kathrina  15 Dec 1647Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland P2316


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bar / Wydler  25 May 1617Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland F551
2 Gutt / Wydler  31 Jan 1608Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland F543
3 Leuthart / Gut  8 Mar 1663Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland F570